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The Business Class M2 106 is a dependable and versatile working partner. Extremely agile, featuring up to a 55-degree wheel cut, set back front axle and a swept-back bumper, this truck delivers outstanding maneuverability. With a 2500 square inch windshield, low profile dash and an aerodynamic sloped hood, you’ve got outstanding visibility of the road and work around you. Designed with spacious and comfortable interiors, along with wide door openings, low step-in heights and interior and exterior grab handles to help reduce fatigue and offer easy entry and exit, Business Class M2 106 trucks are engineered to increase driver comfort, safety and productivity. Whatever you’re hauling, the Business Class M2 106 is the best solution for your bottom line.

Engine Accessibility
Business Class M2 106 trucks are designed to be easier to maintain, keeping service to a minimum. Easy to reach components, see-through fluid reservoirs and a removable floor section for transmission access make inspection and service hassle free.
The Business Class M2 multiplex wiring system has reduced the number of wires by nearly half, and color-coding and ServiceLink diagnostic tools make maintenance and repairs quick and easy.

NEW for 2015 Cummins ISL9, 8.9L (350 HP, 1,150 lb/ft Torque)

The NEW for 2015 Cummins ISL9

Better Total Value Package for Every Mile

Touting one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in its class—and heavy-duty features like replaceable wet liners, XPI fuel system and an improved Electronic Control Module (ECM) along with enhanced airflow—the Cummins ISL9 Engine gives you the high-level performance and reliability you need to handle every load for every hour you’re on the road.

Heavy-Duty Design — Rugged features like roller followers, bypass oil filtration and targeted piston cooling means this engine works harder in even the toughest work environments


 Business Class M2 line of trucks offers unparalled benefits that help business increase productivity, performance and profitability. Available in 106 & 112 inch BBC platforms, the Business Class M2 supports a wide range of bodies and chassis-mounted equipment, making it the ideal solution for pickup and delivery, towing, food and beverage distribution, tanker and fire/ emergency applications. Vocational models are available for specialized jobs such a refuse, construction, utility and government/ municipality.
Designed for the demands of your business or pleasure.
Driving in a challenging environment requires a truck that's agile, comfortable and easy to drive. That's why the Business Class M2 delivers a tight turning radius, and its optional automatic transmission (standard on SportChassis) is easy on new and experienced drivers alike. Driver comfort is key, this truck features a spacious cab with low step-in height, an advanced heating and cooling system and a smooth, quiet ride.
Best overall value.

Increased efficiency leads to increased profits, so the Business Class M2 offers great fuel economy and easy maintenance for maximum productivity with minimum downtime. Adding to the value of ownership is Freightliner's legendary customer support, a network of more than 400 dealer across North America and a 24-hour assistance hotline that will keep you operating at peak efficiency day in and day out. The Business Class M2 is more than just a vehicle. It's a clear business advantage.

SportChassis M2 106 P2

The all-around performer.

The Business Class M2 106 is the true utility player of the family, offering the perfect platform for a variety of applications. Available as a truck or a tractor, it is extremely agile, featuring up to a 55-degree wheel cut, set-back front axle and swept-back bumper for excellent maneuverability in tight urban situations.
With a GVWR of up to 60,000 pounds, this medium-duty vehicle supports a wide range of bodies and chassis-mounted equipment. It comes standard with a powerful yet fuel efficient Cummins ISBISC, or ISL9 engine, with horsepower ratings from 200-380 hp. It's available in a manual transmission, but SportChassis® only offers Allison automatic transmissions.
Stylish and practical, the Business Class M2 106 feature an aerodynamic sloped hood, low profile dash and an expansive 2,500 square-inch windshield that gives drivers unparalleled visibility.

M2 112 RHA112

GVWR rated up to 80,000 pounds, the Business Class M2 112 is the truck for the most demanding situations. SportChassis limits the GVWR rating to 40,000 pounds. It comes standard with a powerful Detroit Diesel DD13 Engine, with horsepower ratings from 350-450 hp and up to 1,650 ft-lbs torque. All that power paired with the heavy duty Allison 4000 TRV 6 Speed automatic.

The Business Class M2 112 (like the 106) has a lightweight aluminum cab that maximizes payload and resist corrosion. Freightliner's AirLiner rear suspension rated up to 52,000 pounds - this truck delivers a smooth, even ride under the most demanding conditions. In fact, with frames of up to 3.7 million RBM (see definition below) and 1,500 square-inch radiators, the Business Class M2 112 can tackle the toughest jobs.

Freightliner's AirLiner Air Suspension

Resisting Bending Moment (moments are force, or weight, multiplied by distance)
 describes the ability of the frame to resist the moments from the load and truck components; section modulus describes the shape of the material; and yield strength describes the material strength. The RBM is the product of the section modulus (SM) and the yield strength (YS) in inch-pounds and is a measure of the capability of the frame rail. Some manufacturers of equipment such as cranes specify either a section modulus or RBM for the chassis frame. Chassis manufacturers supply frame information with RBM, section modulus, and yield strength in truck data books and body builders books.
So, RBM = SM × YS.

“Why is that important?” you ask. It describes the maximum load the manufacturer says we can put on the frame in moments.


The Business Class M2 may look stylish on the outside, but underneath it's pure productivity. A broad range of engine and transmission choices allows the buyer to select the optimum combination to match virtually any business application.

Optimized performance under the hood and on the road.

Since 1978, many different exhaust systems in Europe have incorporated SCR technology. Based on environmental advantages and payback to owners in less maintenance, increased fuel economy, better reliability and more uptime, it's clearly been proven the best EPA 2010 choice. Even so, Freightliner and the majority of the vocational trucking industry didn't take the decision to go with SCR lightly. We've driven more the 2 million customer miles under real-world freight hauling conditions.

Different DEF Tanks

For ease of filling and increase of fill interval to standard maintenance intervals, Freightliner offers 6-, 13- and 23 gallon DEF Tanks. SportChassis utilizes the 13 gallon tank.

The DEF gauge is integrated into the diesel fuel gauge (top right of pic).

The gauge indicates the level of DEF in the tank and has a series of alerts when the tank is running low. A driver who ignores their DEF low level warnings will see de-rates and restrictions on the their vehicle, but will never be stranded.



Efficient placement of wiring and pneumatic lines.

Electrical, pneumatic and fuel lines are neatly organized inside the left-hand rail for most applications. This relieves congestion at the back of cab, making access easier for body builders and service technicians.

Wiring connectors eliminate splicing.

To assist body builders (SportChassis), Freightliner has pre-engineered standard interfaces for engine wiring and lighting. Vehicle Interface Wiring Connectors eliminate the need for splicing and provide an easy 'plug and play' point for body builders to connect to such things as brake lights, turn signals and tails lights. Interface connectors for the engine and transmission allow clean connections at convenient locations on the chassis for feature activation: no need to wire directly to engine or transmission control modules. The in-cab power net distribution block, available for body builder expansion, provides fused power for body controllers.

Adding switches is easy.

The Smart Switch system enables switches in the cab interior to be easily added or interchanged without removing the dashboard. Programming can be configured for specific vocational truck, such as utility vehicles, trailer haulers, emergency vehicles and street sweepers.

A cab that works with the driver.

The Business Class M2 has an aerodynamic aluminum cab with a steel reinforced front wall, making it strong, lightweight and rust resistant. Every aspect of the cab was designed to make the driver's job less of a job, leading to increased productivity.

To reduce fatigue for drivers who make frequent stops, the cab features a low step-in height with slip-resistant dual steps, a large door opening and strategically placed exterior and interior grab handles. For safety, the cab's hood slopes downward for better line-of-sight, and a 2,500 sq. in. windshield provides excellent visibility for spotting potential hazards. Optional down-view mirrors and an optional lower window in the passenger door provide greater visibility in hard-to-see areas.




Selected Business Class M2 models can be ordered with an all-wheel drive option.


Sure, a truck is a business on wheels, but it's also a driver's home for eight or more hours a day. That's why we've designed the Business Class M2 with the driver in mind. The cab is wide and deep, providing the driver much-appreciated elbow and leg room. The ergonomically designed driver's area features an automotive style dashboard, easy to read LED-backlit gauges and controls that are within easy reach. An advanced heating and air conditioning system provides excellent air flow for uniform temperature control throughout the cab, and extensive interior insulation reduces noise and provides additional protection against the elements.

And for those who use their truck as an office, the Business Class M2 offers plenty of storage space. Items can be stored in the overhead console that comes standard or in the optional floor-mounted compartment that features a writing surface, printer provision and 12-volt power outlet.


The foot-controlled release on the adjustable steering column lets both hands stay on the wheel while providing an infinite number of adjustments.


The Business Class M2's visibility zone starts closer than that of competitive truck models, to provide better visibility for maneuverability and safety.



                     ~Woodgrain dash, Vinyl door trim, Extra overhead storage, Dual reading lights


We've designed the Business Class M2 to be easy to maintain, with quick access to critical maintenance points. The hood opens easily and features integrated splash shields that lift out of the way for better accessibility. Frequently inspected components are strategically placed, allowing for faster repairs and adjustments. See-through fluid reservoirs reduce the time spent checking fluid levels and a removable floor section allows access to the transmission without removing the floor covering.

The standard proprietary Donaldson PowerCore air cleaner is designed to go longer between replacements, yet still traps 99.85 percent of airborne particles before they reach the engine. The Business Class M2 features a lube-free steering shaft, a self-adjusting hydraulic clutch and suspensions that require no maintenance or lubrication.

The truck's multiplex electrical system has about half the wires of a traditional electrical system, which reduces possible failure points and allows technicians to more quickly pinpoint electrical problems. Even the three-piece bumper was designed to save repair costs by allowing partial replacement. The resule is a vehicle that spends more time on the road.

More than 400 Freightliner dealer locations across North America, you're never far from the convenient service and support you have come to expect from the industry leader. In addition, over 200 Freightliner ServicePoint facilities located at TravelCenters of America and Petro Stopping Centers offer certified repair and warranty work. When you need a factory-certified technician, Detroit Diesel offer more than 800 locations in North America. Freightliner also maintains strategically located parts distribution centers throughout North America, ensuring fast parts delivery to keep customers up and running.

Freightliner's Customer Assistance Center provides customers a hotline that's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers may call the toll-free number for technical support, to arrange roadside assistance or towing services, or to locate the nearest dealer or service center.


Freightliner's private label products, sold under the Alliance Parts brand, offer quality parts at affordable prices. From starters and batteries to belts and brake drums, Alliance parts, accessories and components fit virtually all types of heavy-duty trucks. Alliance also offers an extensive line of remanufactured components such as engines, transmissions, clutches and more. Alliance parts are sold at Freightliner dealer throughout the U.S. and Canada.





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