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Trailer Financing & Leasing:


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It's Easy to Own Your New Featherlite Trailer.

We offer great trailer financing options.

Sheffield Financial offers excellent programs for our open and enclosed trailers. Click this link to get pre-approved. 

Financing Available

You'll get:

Fast Credit Decisions
Competitive Rates
Flexible Payment Options

Installment Loans

These are offered with some unique options that offer flexibility you won’t find with other lenders:

Low monthly payments and terms of up to 10 years
ZERO down programs available to qualified buyers
Loans can be written in farm, business or personal names

Business Credit

We offer business financing similar to our financing for individuals. If your farm, business, or company has need of a Featherlite Trailer, print of our Business Credit Application, by clicking here.


Two basic programs — a TRAC Lease or a Fair Market Value Lease — are available. Benefits of leasing:

Lease to own with a low buy out
Payments may be expensed for tax purposes (consult with your tax advisor)
Off balance-sheet financing frees up cash for other capital expenditures
Pre-established lease and purchase options
Quarterly, semi-annual and annual payments
No mileage restrictions
No pre-payment penalties
More information on Featherlite Credit leases

TRAC Lease

The TRAC Lease is for people who are interested in the benefits of leasing but want to own – “buy out” -- their trailer at the end of the lease. TRAC is short for Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause. The buyout is a pre-determined, fixed price, which is typically 10% of the selling price. This type of lease is very similar to a loan with a balloon payment, except at the end of the lease term you have the option to do one of three things: (1) purchase the trailer for the residual amount, (2) trade in the trailer for another Featherlite trailer (with the trade equity applied to your new trailer), or (3) turn in the trailer.

Fair Market Value Lease

The Fair Market Value Lease, there is not a pre-determined residual buyout price. At the end of the lease term, the lessee has the option to either purchase the trailer for its Fair Market Value or return the trailer to Featherlite Credit. You’ll have lower monthly payments with a Fair Market Value Lease. But it’s important to remember that at the end of this lease you will not have any equity built up in the trailer. This is a “true lease”, where you’re only renting the trailer for the specified term and building no equity in the trailer.

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Download the Featherlite Credit Application for financing through Featherlite Credit. Fill it out, sign it and fax back to Featherlite Credit at 936-703-5205. If you have any questions on lease programs or to get a custom payment quote on a new Featherlite Trailer, please call SportChassisFeatherlite Trailers of Texas at 936-703-5200.

*Featherlite Credit is independently owned and is not affiliated with Featherlite Trailers.

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