Buyer FAQs


Buyer FAQs

Are you considering the purchase of a new Featherlite? We’re here to help you! A few commonly asked questions are below. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, please contact us directly, call 866-683-3876 or email us  We look forward to helping you!

Q: Where can I find a list of the available options for a trailer I’m interested in?

There are thousands of options available on Featherlite trailers. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular ones, and they are shown on the website. You can find them on the Customizations & Options page of each product section or select the Options tab under the model you’re interested in. Your Featherlite dealer or our Inside Sales team can also provide additional assistance if you need it.

Q: Why are the lengths of trailers listed on your website different from the length I measure the trailer to be?

The lengths listed for some of the Featherlite models do not include the 8’ gooseneck area or for bumper pulls, the area between the radius corners and the end of the hitch. Please pay careful attention to the floor plans when determining overall length or consult with your dealer.

Q: How do I determine the empty weight of a trailer?

Go to your selected model and look for the Weight specification listed under the Specs & Features tab. Please note that listed weights are average weights and are only for the base model. Added options will affect the weight of the trailer.

Q: How do I determine the tongue weight of my trailer?

Tongue weight is the amount of the trailer’s weight that is transferred to the tow vehicle through the coupler. As a rule of thumb, Featherlite estimates the tongue weight to be 10 to 15% for bumper pull trailers, 20 to 25% for gooseneck trailers and 30 to 35% for gooseneck trailers with living quarters.

Q: Can I have a living quarters in my bumper pull horse trailer?

Yes, living quarters are available in our bumper pull horse trailers. These are designed, in conjunction with your local dealer and our staff, on a custom basis. Keep in mind there are a few more restrictions due to weight compared to our gooseneck living quarters.

Q: What do I need to know about load weight?

The load weight is important because if the trailer tongue and tow vehicle hitch are not carrying the proper amount of the loaded trailer weight, the trailer can develop a sway when traveling down the road, which can lead to accidents and injuries. An overloaded trailer also places excessive strain on your tow vehicle. This could result in problems with the hitch or the inability to stop in an emergency. Overloading also puts tremendous strain on your trailer's frame, axles, bearings and tires causing premature wear. In addition, load distribution is important because no part of the trailer can be loaded beyond its rating. Axles, tires and wheels also have ratings to consider. Just remember, the total weight of the trailer and its contents should never exceed the trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which for most trailers you can find on the VIN label.

Q: What type of vehicle will I need to haul my trailer with?

We strongly recommend you consult your tow vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine its maximum towing capacity. You’ll need to compare this with the GVWR and loaded tongue weight of the trailer. Pulling a trailer and equipment that is too heavy for the towing vehicle can result in serious problems, including strain on their vehicle and instability when maneuvering and driving. Whether you have a bumper pull trailer or gooseneck trailer will be a key factor as well in the vehicle you need to use. A gooseneck trailer uses a coupler that connects to the gooseneck ball that must be installed in the bed of the tow vehicle.

Q: Can I change the GVWR of a new trailer I’m ordering?

If ordering a trailer, arrangements can be made to adjust the GVWR before it’s built as long as the trailer weight doesn’t exceed the GVWR or in the case of increasing the rating, as long as the trailer is deemed structurally sound.

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