SportChassis Specs

SportChassis Sport Chassis Texas Freightiner m2 hauler
SportChassis Trucks by Freightliner

2017 SPORTCHASSIS Cummins ISL,9 8.9L 350 HP, 1,050 lb/ft Torque

SportChassis Truck Medium duty trucks diesel

M2 106 Sport Chassis
Medium Truck Warranty
Set Back Axle - Truck
Straight Truck Provision
Left Hand Primary Steering Location


Exterior Foot Print:

113" from base of wheels to top of air horn

99" wide from door to door, not including mirrors

277" from grill to bumper


CUMMINS ISL9, 8.9L 350 HP, 1,050 lb/ft @ 1,400 RPM
PTO RPM Increment 200 RPM
Transmission Top Gear Minus One Ratio 0.75 Ratio
Service Brake Activates Retarder - OFF
Enable Engine Brake ON Cruise - NO
MBE Engine Brake Configuration-EXH/COMP Brake
Minimum Cruise Over Speed Brake Low 1 MPH
Minimum Cruise Over Speed Brake High 3 MPH
Auto Fan Activation ON Engine Brake-Disable
Minimum Cruise Control 30 MPH
Road Speed Limit MPH 92 MPH
Engine Speed Limit @ Vehicle Standstill 3000 RPM
PTO Vehicle Speed LIMIT 6 MPH
PTO Function - ENABLE

Engine Equipment:

SportChassis Truck cummins diesel   SportChassis Truck Medium duty trucks cummins diesel

Engine Mounted Oil Check & Fill
One Piece Valve Cover
Side of Hood Air Intake with Firewall Mounted DONALDSON Air Cleaner
DR 12V 145 AMP 24-SI QUADRAMOUNT Pad Alternator
(2) ALLIANCE 1131 GROUP 31 12V MF 1900 CCA Threaded Stud Batteries
Battery Box Frame Mounted
Single Battery Box Frame Mounted LH Side Under Cab
Frame Ground Return for Battery Cables
WABCO 15.5 CFM Air Compressor
Teflon Compressor Discharge Line
Electronic Engine Integral Warning & Derate Protection System
Jacobs Brake OFF/LOW/HIGH Compression & Exhaust Brake
Single Horizontal Muffler with Horizontal Tail Pipe Exhaust, RH Mounted
Horizontal Tailpipe, Exit Forward of Rear Tires
RH Horton HT650 Frontal Air ON/ OFF Engine Fan Clutch
Automatic Fan Control without Dash Switch
MBE Fuel Filter
Full Flow Oil Filter
1000 Square Inch Aluminum Radiator Antifreeze to -34 Degrees Fahrenheit (Ethylene Glycol) Pre-Charged SCA Heavy Duty Coolant
Gates Blue Stripe Coolant Hoses
Constant Tension Hose Clamps for Coolant Hoses
No Front Engine PTO
PHILLIPS-TEMRO 1000 WATT/115 VOLT Block Heater
Chrome Engine Heater Receptacle
Aluminum Flywheel Housing
DELCO 12V 38MT Heavy Duty Starter

Transmission and Equipment:

 SportChassis Truck Allison Automatic
ALLISON 3200 TRV Automatic Transmission
WTEC CALIBRATION - 6 Speed with 4th Range Engine Brake TRV/RDS (PACKAGE 113)
3 Push Button, Electronic Shift Control, Dash Mounted
Water to Oil Transmission Cooler - Frame Mounted
Transmission Oil Check & Fill with Electronic Oil Level Check
Magnetic Plugs, Engine Drain, Transmission Drain, Axle(s) Fill & Drain

Front Axle, Suspension and Equipment:
AF-8.0-2 8,000# FC1 72.0 KPI/ 3.74 Drop Single Front Axle
BOSCH Hydraulic PIN-Slide Disc Front Brakes
Non-Asbestos Front Brake Lining
Front Disc Brake Rotors
Front Brake Dust Shields
Front Oil Seals
Vented Front Hub Caps - Oil
Standard Spindle Nuts for All Axles
TRW THP-45 Power Steering
Power Steering Pump
2 Quart See Through Power Steering Reservoir
8,000# Taperleaf Front Suspension
Maintenance Free Rubber Bushings - Front Suspension
Front Swaybar
BILSTEIN Front Shock Absorbers


Rear Axle, Suspension and Equipment:

Air ride Suspension Sport Chassis Truck

•BOSCH hydraulic brake package with optional air supply 

•Wabco 4S/4M anti-lock brake system 

•AF-8.0-3 10,000 lb single front axle 

•10,000 lb taper leaf front suspension 

•Payload capacity 5,647lb

•Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) 19,500lb

•TRW THP-45 power steering 

•Bilstein front shock absorbers 

•Maintenance free rubber bushings 

•11,500 L-Series single rear axle 

•4.56 axle ratio  

•Trac-tech full time no-spin rear differential 

•Castrol Transynd synthetic automatic transmission oil & Mobil synthetic 75W-90W All Axles 

•Airliner 11,500lb SportChassis recreational vehicle rear air-suspension 

•Manual dump switch for air suspension with autofill override valve 

•Single rear suspension leveling valve w/ping tank 

•Dual 80 gallon rectangular aluminum fuel tank (2016 & newer)

•Alliance fuel/water separator with heated bowl and indicator light 

•Equiflo inboard fuel system w/ auxiliary fuel supply return ports

•Rear Disc Brake Rotors
•Rear Brake Dust Shields
•Rear Axle Mounted Air Operated Drum Park Brake
•AIRLINER Mid Position Ride Height
•Manual Dump Valve for Air Suspension with Indicator Light, without Gauge
•Rear Air Suspension Dump Valve Autofill with Ignition Off or Less than 5 MPH
•Single Rear Suspension Leveling Valve with Ping Tanks
•Rear Shock Absorbers - One Axle (Air Ride Suspension)

Brake System Equipment:
BOSCH Hydraulic Brake Package with Optional Air Supply
WABCO Hydraulic 4S/4M without Traction Control
Hydraulic Tubing with Nylon & Fabric/ Wire Braid Chassis Air Lines
Hydraulic Hose/ Line Rear Service Brakes
Nylon Parking Brake Hose
One Steel Air Brake Reservoir (Big Block Option Package)
BW DV-2 Auto Drain Valve without Heater - Wet Tank
Quick Disconnect Fitting with Hose for Tire Inflation Kit
7-Way Primary Cable Receptacle
Upgraded Chassis Multiplexing Unit
Upgraded Bulkhead Multiplexing Unit

Frame And Wheelbase:
187" (4750MM) Wheelbase
11/32" X 3-1/2" X 10-3/16" Steel Frame (8.73MM X 258.8MM/.344" X 10.19") 120KSI
No Inner Frame Reinforcement
No Front Frame Extension
39" (1000MM) Rear Frame Overhang
Square End of Frame
Standard Weight Engine Crossmember
Standard Suspension Crossmember
Standard Rearmost Crossmember
Calculated Bumper to Rear Towing C/M Face 267.126 IN

Chassis Equipment:
Three-Piece 14" Chrome Steel Bumper with Collapsible Ends
Bumper Mounting for Single License Plate
Grade 8 Threaded Hex-Headed Frame Fasteners

Fuel Tank(s) and Equipment:
50 Gallon Rectangular Aluminum Fuel Tank - RH
100 Gallon Rectangular Aluminum Fuel Tank - LH
Rectangular Fuel Tanks(s)
Plain Aluminum/ Painted Steel Fuel/ Hydraulic Tanks(s) with Painted Bands
Fuel Tank(s) Forward
Fuel Tank Cap(s)
Alliance Fuel Filter / Water Separator with Heated Bowl & Indicator Light
EQUIFLO Inboard Fuel System
Auxiliary Fuel Supply & Return Ports
Reinforced Nylon Fuel Hose
No Fuel Cooler

Front & Rear Tires, Hubs, Wheels:
MICHELIN XRV 255/80 R22.5 14 PLY Radial Front Tires (RHA Trucks)
MICHELIN XRV 255/80 R22.5 14 PLY Radial Rear Tires (RHA Trucks)
MICHELIN XZA2 Energy 295/60 R22.5 14 PLY Radial Front Tires (P2 Trucks)
MICHELIN XZA2 Energy 295/60 R22.5 14 PLY Radial Rear Tires (P2 Trucks)
Gunite Iron Front Hubs
Conmet Iron Rear Hubs


SportChassis truck wheel   sportchassis truck wheel   sport chassis custom chrome wheel

              Standard Turbo Wheels                            Standard P2 Wheels                          SportChassis Custom Chrome Wheels
F/L Bevel Turbo 29701/03 22.5X8.25 10-HUB Pilot Aluminum Disc Front Wheels
F/L Bevel Turbo 29701/03 22.5X8.25 10-HUB Pilot Aluminum Disc Rear Wheels
Polished Front Wheels
Polished Rear Wheels - Outside of Outer Wheels

Cab Interior:
M2 Interior Convenience Package
Molded Door Panel with Upper Vinyl Inserts
Gray Vinyl Mats with Insulation
Dash Mounted Ash Trays & Lighter
Forward Roof Mounted Console with Upper Storage Compartments & Additional Center Compartment without Netting
In Dash Storage Bin
Digital Flush Mounted Alarm Clock In Dash
(2) Cup Holders LH & RH Dash
Gray/ Charcoal Flat Dash
Air Conditioner, Heater, & Defroster
Main HVAC Controls with Recirculation Switch
Standard Plumbing with Ball Shutoff Valves & Insulated Lines
SANDEN Compact Air Conditioner Compressor
Binary Control, R-134A
Cab Insulation
Solid-State Circuit Protection & Fuses
12V Negative Ground Electrical System
Door Activated Dome/ Red Map Lights, Forward LH/ RH & Rear LH/ RH/ Center
Electric Door Locks - LH & RH
(1) 12V Power Supply In Dash
LH/ RH Integral Door Panel Armrest
Black Cordura Plus Cloth Driver Cover
3 Point Driver & Front Passenger Seat Belts; 3 Point LH, Center & RH Rear Passenger Seat Belts
Adjustable Tilt & Telescoping Steering Column Foot Pedal Release
18" (450MM) Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
Driver /Passenger Interior Sun Visors

Cab Exterior:
154" BBC High-Roof Aluminum Conventional Crew Cab
No Sleeper Box/ Sleepercab
Air Cab Mounts
Non-Removable Bug Screen Mounted Behind Grille
LH & RH Exterior Grab Handles with Single Rubber Insert
Hood Mounted Chromed Plastic Grille
Fiberglass Hood
Hood Liner Insulation with Single Firewall Insulation
Dual 26" Rectangular Polished Aluminum Air Horns (single note on P2s)
Single Electric Horn
Dual Horn Shields
All Locks Keyed the Same
Integral Headlight/ Marker Assembly with Chrome Bezel
Freightliner LED Aerodynamic Marker Lights
Daytime Running Lights
Standard Front Turn Signal Lamps
Dual Bright Heated West Coast Mirrors with LH/ RH Remote
Door Mounted Mirrors
102" Equipment Width
LH/ RH 8" Bright Finish Convex Mirrors Mounted Under Primary Mirrors
RH Down View Mirror
Standard Side/ Rear Reflectors
Dual Level Cab Entry Steps on Both Sides
Composite Exterior Sun Visor
63"X14" Tinted Rear Window
Tinted Door Glass LH & RH with Tinted Operating Wing Windows
RH & LH Electric Powered Windows
Tinted Windshield
8 Liter Windshield Washer Reservoir without Fluid Level Indicator


Instrument Panel and Controls:

 sportchassis custom gray interior SportChassis Truck tan interior

Black Interior                                         Gray Interior                                          Tan Interior

Easy to read Speed-o Cluster with DEF gauge

Black Gauge Bezels
Low Air Pressure Light & Buzzer
Single Air Pressure Gauge for Hydraulic Brakes with Air Provision
Engine Compartment Mounted Air Restriction Indicator with Graduations, with Warning Light in Dash
Cruise Control - Electronic Engine, with switches in LH Switch Panel
Key Operated Ignition Switch & Integral Start Position; 4 Position Off/ Run/ Start/ Accessory
Odometer/ Trip/ Hour/ Diagnostic/ Voltage Display: 1X7 Character , 26 Warning Lamps, Data Linked, ICU3
Diagnostic Interface Connector, 9 PIN, SAE J1587/1708/1939, Located Below Dash
2" Electric Fuel Gauge
Programmable RPM Control - Electronic Engine
Electrical Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge
2" Transmission Oil Temperature Gauge
Engine & Trip Hour Meters Integral within Driver Display
Electric Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
No Overhead Instrument Panel
Multi-Band AM/FM/WB/CB LH Mirror Mounted Antenna System
Electronic MPH Speedometer with Secondary KPH Scale, without Odometer
Electronic Tachometer 3000 RPM
Ignition Switch Controlled Engine Stop
Illuminated Rocker Switch with Wire to Back of Cab & Marker Light Circuit to Junction Block on Frame of Cab
Digital Voltage Display Integral with Driver Display
Single Electric Windshield Wiper Motor with Delay
Marker Light/ Headlight Switch with Separate Interrupter for Clearance Lights
One Valve Parking Brake System with Warning Indicator
Self Canceling Turn Signal Switch with Dimmer, Washer/ Wiper & Hazard in Handle
Integral Electronic Turn Signal Flasher


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