SportChassis P2 Low Bed Information:

The P2 really is what it’s all about. A fully functional pickup with the power, safety, and security to haul you or your family, around town or across country. Designed to pull everything from the smallest trailers to a massive gooseneck living quarters, this does it all. Satisfying all your needs in one truck has been challenging. Now you see what success really looks like.

What's so special about the P2?
Standard full size pickup bed on the Freightliner M2106 Chassis.
Optional Tonneau Cover allows safe and secure storage in the entire bed.
Bed load heights are comparable to the "Big Three"
Features the standard SportChassis® ride enhancement package.

Sacrifice has been part of buying a vehicle since day one. SportChassis® saw the need and found the solution. How often have you wanted all the power, control, stability, safety, and raw power of a heavy duty pickup truck but needed the versatility and functionality of a normal pickup bed? The P2 gives you the best of both worlds
without using the word sacrifice.

The advantaged to towing with a SportChassis® is pulling your trailer using the frame rails, not the body. This ensures that the structural integrity of the body remains sound even after hundreds of trips and hundreds of thousands of miles.

Why work harder than you have to? Choose business class performance and make a choice that will serve you well for years to come.

For complete details and verification of standard and optional equipment, as well as a full description of our pricing and warranty, contact SportChassis of TEXAS today.